United Reformed Church
The United Reformed Church
The URC is a trinitarian church whose theological roots are Calvinist and whose historical and organisational roots are in the Presbyterian (Reformed), Congregational and Churches of Christ traditions. Its Basis of Union contains "A statement concerning the nature, faith and order of the United Reformed Church", setting out its belief in a condensed form.
What is the URC
The United Reformed Church (URC) was created in 1972 by the joining together of the Congregational Church in England
and Wales, and the Presbyterian Church in England.

The Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ joined with the URC in 1981 and in April 2000 the Congregational Church in Scotland united with us.

Fulbourn URC is part of the Eastern Synod, one of 13 synods that cover the United Kingdom. The eastern synod were very proud to achieve FairTrade status in December 2004.
Where to find out more
The URC church is an open church that welcomes all, please come along to service if you want to find out more about us. You can also find out more by visiting the URC website or by visiting the urc-eastern synod website here.
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